This page is dedicated to you and God working through you. I'm believing John 17: 23 for the worldwide family. To be a living testimony of the unity of love to the world.  We would love you to join this page, share your story, your faith or your reasons for choosing a painting that spoke to you.  We would genuinely love to hear from you. There is power in sharing and testifying. Revelation 19:10 The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.  This wall gives you the space to do just that. I'm looking forward to receiving your pics and stories and joining together to share with the world the love of Jesus and how HE loves on us today.


I have had the most wonderful day with you and your lovely, lovely daughter today. The workshop has undone me! Last night the Lord had me thinking about Selah again and about pausing, being still, thinking calmly about something... About "maintaining the uprising " as Spurgeon so beautifully says.

Here is my picture.... Jayne

Wait, I say.
Wait on the Lord.
Be still, my heart, be still.
Let the stirrings swell with wonder
Let the imaginations of your heart explode
Rise up, Beloved.
Rise up
Let me maintain the uprising in your heart
As you lock eyes with mine.....


I totally love this picture!  I told the girls I loved it when I saw it and they already had it wrapped ready to give to me for Mother's Day. I love the words. The little photos which you probs can't see are my mam and my girls. Mam meant the world to me and my girls certainly do. I'm thrilled to have this picture. Bless you Julia

This is John

This is John who bought the print that you see on the right. What a lovely gentleman and very encouraging, and he even took part in our wall of fame. What a blessing. I met John at HollyBush.  If you live near Hollybush, this place should definitely be on your list for a visit. You get to meet lots of amazing people, like our John. :-)


I had the pleasure of watching Julia "at work" at a conference a short while ago in Kingswinford. I could not take my eyes of the piece she was painting during one of the sessions, as what she was painting was the same image God had given me several years ago when I first started in ministry. For me, this painting is God calling us individually to be a light in dark places and to stand tall amidst the ruins and bring Gods hope and peace This painting now adorns my wall at home and is now a permanent reminder of Gods plans for me and a visually inspiring daily encouragement.

Worship In The Ruins

This is Julia from Kingswinford Christian Centre.

Julia and approximately  70 others attended the Kingswinford "Worship In The Ruins" conference.

It was one immense weekend. Friday was a prayer gathering with awesome worship. Saturday kicked off with a buzz of people all eager to encounter GOD. We spent the day worshiping, dancing, praying, prophesying and there were healings and lots of encouragement within the body of Christ. I certainly came home feeling filled, encouraged and affirmed. Thank you to Pastor Gary who led the whole weekend with passion and fervour for GOD.

What blew me away was the prayer room. What a gorgeous peaceful place. Judy had created this with lots of stations to actively engage with GOD on all different levels. After my 4 hour journey to get there, I found the comfy couch very inviting. The only way to be restored after a long journey is to chill out in the presence of GOD.   I was fed and watered by vary caring people from the church. Over all, every single person I met were full of love and so welcoming. What a blessing to be part of what seemed to be such a significant time for all.

This is Julia’s Testimony

The painting invokes in me an overwhelming sense of the depth of Father God's love for me. That even in the solitude I am never alone. Such love, such grace, absolutely accepted for who I am, whilst on the journey to becoming all He made me be just like Jesus.

Over summer 2013 at Hollybush Family Camp, a lady called Martine and I was painting. 

This particular morning I'd received some upsetting news so decided not to paint and rest in Jesus and seek His counsel.  After about 35 minutes, the prompting and the urge to get up and start painting was so powerful, we cracked open the paint and got stuck in.  I first saw the moon, then the clouds and so started painting it. Then it came to sea and the shore. As I was finishing off the piece with the final positioning of the stars and the writing  "I am with you always"  Brad Thurston quotes the very scripture that I'm painting.....


I am with you always

On Thursday evening of Hollybush Family Camp, I had the privilege of watching Julia create this beautiful picture whilst she listened to the message brought by Brad Thurston.  I was amazed that Julia sat on the floor to paint and that most of the time she painted with her fingers rather than a brush.  "I am with you always" are the words at the bottom of the picture.  As Julia was writing these words Brad spoke them out as part of his message.  The picture itself is of two people standing on a beach in the moonlight.  There is a full moon which is partly covered by clouds.  I see the moon as a representation of God who is always present and who is the light in the darkness.  The clouds in the sky to me represent the difficult times in life and whilst the clouds partially cover the moon its light still dominates the picture in the same way as God does if we let Him.  The two people on the beach to me represent my husband and I.  I bought this picture in celebration of our 30 years of marriage.  The moonlight casts the shadows of the two people onto the beach.  To me, these parallel shadows represent the path Ian and I have walked together.  "I am always with you" is what God wants us to know but for me, these words are also about our 30 years together.  I praise God for the gift He has placed within Julia.  I thank God that we have the privilege of having this beautiful painting in our home and I look forward to telling visitors how it comes to be there.

Ian and Susan

Look at our LOVELY Hannah.  What an amazing young lady.


Freedom on earth looks a certain way to every individual. For me, to stand in a vast space, filled with only the beautiful fragrance of flowers, dressed more beautiful than King Solomon, the heat of the sun on your face and the warm breeze, reaches the depths and touches my heart, that can only bring glory to God.