Assault The Darkness With The Kingdom Of Light Small Canvas Print


Assault The Darkness With The Kingdom Of Light Small Canvas Print



Assault The Darkness With The Kingdom Of Light. This was created with layers of mixed media. A visual array of texture and colour. The piece is like a story to be discovered as you look into each part of the picture. With hearts, clocks, houses and words depicting a colourful and vibrant journey. Symbolic of the vibrancy of what life brings, we walk valiantly and pursue KINGDOM on earth, defeating the darkness and being a beacon to our community. We walk valiantly with our hearts vulnerable because God is our shield and rampart. We reach out to our communities and people who need the love and touch of their heavenly Father. Life is messy, when Holy Spirit turns up, it’s sometimes messy, which is why this isn’t a neat and super tidy piece. The brush strokes and marks of the paint on the canvas reflect the chaos we sometimes find ourselves in. Unexplained, undeserved, all out crazy situations… yet in the midst of this crazy time is the silent, yet fortified trust of our GOD that is reflected in the rainbow colour on the canvas. The promises of God are a YES and AMEN that fuse in to every part of our life. No part of our life is without God. He is everywhere, He sees all. He knows our thoughts, and still loves us with such passion.


This is a 16×12 premier canvas print.

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