She Can Scale The Wall 10 x8 Print


She Can Scale The Wall 10 x8 Print


Women… you are amazing. You are strong and courageous. You love fearlessly and like a lioness protect those close to you. After visiting a conference held by Angie Lendon in Hull I was inspired by a speaker called Amy. After listening to her speak drawing scripture from the bible about powerful women, I was ready to take on my world again.  When I was painting, PAPA showed me two pictures that day. This was the second. No sooner had I sat to ask PAPA for a picture, this came to mind. A women, hurdling the wall. You see, she is an overcome. The wall can represent anything, and this lady is clearing that wall with gut and determination. She is clothed is the attire for a race, but if you notice she still has her necklace and bracelet on. This was to represent the fact that we are everyday naturally supernatural women. Normal is supernatural. Normal is walking victoriously in the power of Jesus Christ. No matter what the surrounding evidence of this world says. We see from a heavenly perspective and act and speak according to what we see PAPA do and say. I love this woman. I love her grit and pure undiluted determination to clear the wall. I bet some days she feel like she has no energy to even look at the wall. But then she focuses on KING JESUS and her body soul and spirit it filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and she breathes in the deepest breath and faces the giant. Women, you are a mighty warrior. You are courageous. You are victorious and with the LORD can scale any wall.

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