Eden 6×4 signed limited edition print.


Eden 6×4 signed limited edition print.


Eden 6×4 signed limited edition print.

Restored To Eden picture was painted at a Twelve12 event. The full translation is yet to be revealed, but I saw a lady stood with ruffled wind tossed hair. As I painted her the impression I was getting is that this is a time of hope and new beginnings. The old things have no effect and the new is here and now. The Eagle, I felt, represented the eye of the Lord. Eagles can see from miles up in the sky. For example, an eagle in flight can reputedly sight a rabbit from two miles away.  The eye of the Lord in on HIS people. The wind, I felt, was representing a change. The new green sprigs on the tree signify the change of season, new shoots, new spiritual temperatures, breakthroughs, new relationships, ventures and responsibilities. This is an exciting season to be in.  I felt strongly that this picture is called EDEN. The restoring of wells, anointing and calling long forgotten by us but never forgotten by Father God.  I believe we will see old dusty dreams and visions being set alight when PAPA fixes HIS eye on them. He will draw attention to what we need to run with. Be vigilant and sensitive to Holy Spirits promptings. You will see a new awakening this year.

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