Encounter A4 Print


Encounter A4 Print



Encounter A4 Print is also available to order in various sizes. This was painted at Community church Hull where the amazing Epiphany were playing sound portraits for people. Once we had arrived and set up- Epiphany began to play.

I felt that as we enter or come near HIs presence, we can not help but be intrigued by Him. We choose to enter in and be fully submersed. Just like the colours were splattered on her clothes and legs in the painting – so the presence and glory of God will touch others, as you spend time in the presence of the Lord. His beauty, His colour is contagious. The girl in the painting is only just beginning to enter in to HIs fullness. Will she choose to let go and be fully immersed ? No standing on the outside, no tiptoe on the edge… she is so captivated by HIM, theres no going back to the monotone ways of life. The only way is forward into the multi-faceted beauty of PAPA GOD.

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