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Free To Be Me A3 Print

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Free To Be Me A3 Print



‘Free To Be Me’ was painted at Cambridge where Alan and Tammy Brand run a church that has such an open heaven. It was easy to paint and minister there when we visited with Twelve.12. In this painting I was wanting to capture the presence of the Holy Spirit sounding like rain. I felt we were being drenched in His Spirit as He loved on people, brought transformation and healing to people attending the day. You could tell prayer had been, and is, the essence of that place. The simplicity of the painting, influenced by my new style ‘Caught On Sketch’,  tries to capture the moment when you just decide to be you and not conform to the status quo. Getting soaked in His Spirit is a good thing to do. The word I felt for the day was ‘you have permission to shine. No more hiding in the shadows. You have permission by Father God to be all that you can be regardless what people think or say’.  So there she is, a lady caught in the rain. On point to decided whether to be fully submersed or maintain composure so that she doesn’t stand out too much. This painting symbolises that point of decision. Dare you go for it. Dare you dance in the rain. Dare you believe that God has your back and He has made you to be you. Are you going to have the courage to be you. Because there is no other you on the face of the planet.

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