HE Came – 10×8 print


HE Came – 10×8 print


‘He Came’. A painting in response after a prayer time about the injustice of racial discrimination. Bringing a solution to unite and overcome together.

They say at the very point of breakthrough, is the most difficult point to continue and overcome. While praying for the U.K. and others around the world, specifically for the current climate, I saw people of all nations coming together and pulling out the weed of injustice, hatred, racism and control. As they were pulling together to remove the weed, the Angel of the Lord came with healing in his wings and in answer to the prayers of the saints. He swung his axe down to the root of injustice, hatred, racism and control and cut off all source. No longer manipulated by media, corrupt politics, institutionalised racism, and evil teachings. We are a people free to be united in our diversity, bringing healing to our land.

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