Ignite 6×4 Print


Ignite 6×4 Print


As I turned up to paint at a Sozo conference, I quickly discovered the similar heart and desire of people in the room. Creativity had been set free and I was privileged to be part of it. The guest speakers from Bethel in America, the mamas of the movement had come to visit the UK for their first Sozo conference.  600 people released to praise. I saw Holy Spirit fire fill the room. He was moving over people, in people and through people. The fire visible though creativity, through two ladies dancing with flags, through people unhindered in praise and the authority in the room made it safe. The preaching was inspiring and life transforming. What a joy to be there. At the beginning of worship I asked PAPA for a picture. As I saw Holy Spirit move over people, the flags became fire. Blurs of colour flash within the room. The power of Holy Spirit filling the atmosphere. Wow. How to capture this on canvas was fun. Out of the confines of etched lines, the flags become free. The movement of the dancer’s dress become a blur. The spiritual activity is energetic and encompasses the room.  There she is…. dancing freely for Jesus. Dancing in step with Holy Spirit to occupy the atmosphere. Beautiful.

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