Longing A3 Print


Longing A3 Print



‘Longing’ was painted at New Life Church in Castle Douglas. They had a weekend event called The Sound of Revival. Great guest speakers and amazing worship team.

After asking God for a picture I saw a series of pictures to draw. ‘Longing’ was the first. All revivals start inside of you. You are revival. You are the Kingdom on earth. You are operating in the power of God. The same Holy Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead lives in you. HELLLOOOOO. !!!!!  WOW

So there she is…. her heart fully turned to Christ in surrender. She knows that here is where  her power and strength come from. She knows within the intimacy of God, she is changed becoming more like Jesus. Her longing to be saturated, enveloped by the King Of Kings is the number one desire of her heart. She doesn’t care what people say. She doesn’t care what people think about her. She is after an audience of One with the KING. Her PAPA. The Hungry SHALL be filled. In her desire of Jesus, she is filled to overflowing. The glory poured out …. unending… unyielding….. agape love.

There is no one like our God.


This is an A3 unmounted poster print of ‘Longing’

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