Sound Portrait: Rise and shine for your light has come.


Sound Portrait: Rise and shine for your light has come.



Panoramic print : When Austin Biel came to North East, his music was truly liberating. I personally love love love Jazz music, and although he is super creative with sound from musical instruments,  the echoes of jazz were evident.  His music tells a story and unravels mysteries. As he was playing I wanted to include the instruments in the painting.  Music from earthly instruments entwined itself with a heavenly sound.

It was busy, calm, exciting, inspiring and empowering. I tried to capture a story in the painting.

The Sound Portrait ‘Rise and shine for your light has come’ original is acrylic painted on canvas. Approx size 20’x40″

This is what I felt it represent:

Rise and Shine For Your Light Has Come. Release the sound of heaven. Release the artists, release the creatives in the land. Shine, child, shine. Inspire, empower, lead, serve. Listen to the sound, hear the harmony of heaven on the earth. The Lion of Judah, The lamb, has made a way. Walk triumphantly, raise the flag, sing, shout, dance, laugh and love. Shine, child, shine.


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