Special Rainy Days Original Canvas Print


Special Rainy Days Original Canvas Print



Special Rainy Days originally painted with mixed media on canvas.

Sometimes it just the simple moment that you can capture that touches the heart.

When my daughter was about 3 years old and I was shopping in town for groceries etc, I would have my hands full getting my purse out of my bag so I would have to let go of my daughters hand. I didn’t ever feel comfortable doing this incase she wondered off as she was super inquisitive. So I said to her, “Hold on to my back jeans pocket”. This way I could feel she was still there while I was occupied with paying for the shopping.

Recently, I kept seeing the picture of a rainy day and Papa holding the umbrella over both himself and his son. This little boy is holding onto Papa’s back pocket jeans.  He is protected by the rain and Papa is fully aware of where he is. Moments like these are special. The colour bursts in the picture represent the vivid vibrancy of memories made with those we love.

This canvas is 16″ x 24″ premium canvas


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