Transformation 10×8 print


Transformation 10×8 print


Transformation was painted at one of our Twelve12 events all the way down south in Kent. It is a prophetic piece that declares loved ones coming out of the darkness into the light, out of the shadows into the revelation of Gods love, which is represented by the garden, flowers and butterflies. My ‘go to’ place is a garden, where you feel the warmth of the sun on your face, and the air is filled with a warm breeze. Here, she has come into the revelation and can see things clearer. life becomes vibrant and joy fills her heart. She feels precious, cared for and above all loved and accepted. I see her face light up and a smile appears across her rosy face. She is truly adored and this truth will never leave her.

All the 10×8 prints are limited edition, signed and mounted ready to frame.

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