Treasure In Jars of Clay 6×4 Print


Treasure In Jars of Clay  6×4 Print


Treasure In Jars of Clay was painted in my home church. The theme was ‘listening to God’ As I began asking God what to paint, I saw a light coloured dripping wash over the canvas. I felt this was to represent how things sometimes feel; out of our control. As the paint dripped and soaked into the canvas in various patterns and drip lines, I began adding similar lines and paint marks to the canvas. Amidst the paint, I saw high rise buildings and lots of people on a rainy day. The special thing was,  immersed in the crowds of people with black umbrellas, protecting them from the down pour ,was bright, colourful vibrant people with colourful umbrellas. I felt that this represented the ones who carry the Kingdom. The ones who are treasure, the ones that walk daily amongst the world and shine brightly in the monotone colours of life. You’re called to stand out. You’re called to be different. You were not called to blend into the monotone grey mundane routine of life, but rather be valiant, jubilant, victorious, bold, and effervescent with life and walk as God’s chosen Masterpiece.

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