11 Feb

Love You Forever

Just Believe Love You Forever

Someone came to me in the shop one day and said ” Your pictures look religious, I’m not religious. I nearly died. If God was real why did he put me through that?”

“I said God is real and that’s why you didn’t die and your stood here !”

“Oh” She said…

She loved poppies and as she spoke I could feel the intensity and the vivid image of the poppies. So I wanted to express this on canvas.

The piece is called ‘Love You Forever’

I felt the vibrance and intensity of the colour would be representative of the impact people leave on our lives. ‘Love You Forever’ symbolises the ripples made by those close to us. Our  hearts never forget and go on loving forever.

Although poppies are renowned for remembrance, I wanted to represent joy.  For in the Kingdom of GOD there is no end, and therefore we have nothing to fear. For in the Kingdom of GOD we can rejoice that we will see those raised in Christ again, one day soon.

So today we choose to live life to the full and impact as many people as we can with joy and the good news of Jesus. Vibrantly and full of expectancy making ripples of our own.

27 Jan

Just Believe !

Just believe shop

Hello Friends

Some of you may be aware that I have the privilege of attending the Lions Experience. This month, I found it particularly challenging, in a good way !

To keep this brief – we were asked to pitch our business in 60 seconds. So we had to make sure that we knew what we were doing, what we wanted and where we were going.

To say it politely I flunked big time … just as well they were gracious and kind and it was just a test run.

But the three hour journey home from Birmingham gave me some quality time to talk with God and ask some direct and serious questions.

In 2013, I believe God asked me to paint full time. So we stepped out in faith and bought the cabin that my dad build. If you remember, there was a daily update through the whole process. It was fun but freezing cold.

We graduated from the kitchen table to the cabin while running the very new business, ‘Just Believe’. We began to learn to make prints and aimed to present them with excellence. Just Believe continued to expand with increasing invitations to run workshops and paint at conferences along side internet sales from the website.

 In December 2013 I started praying for a strategy for Just Believe and in Feb 2014 God gave us one which is called Twelve.12.

In my 3 hour car journey home I asked God to reveal my heart and motive.

This is the crux of my whole purpose, my reason, my heart, my everything… it’s this……

I simply love Jesus and want others to know HIM too !

It’s not complicated or sophisticated. It is simply me.

I believe God has released in me the ability to paint prophetic art. I say this because I definitely could NOT paint before I went to Bethel in 2011. That’s another story !

So with this gift and the passionate desire for others to know HIM, I am able to paint pictures that hopefully express HIS love to the observer…. His children!

So my new pitch goes a little something like this …

Hello My name is Julia Powell

I love Jesus and I want others to know HIM too.

Im a prophetic artist and with my work I want to take the Kingdom of God to the people in the consumer market.

I’ve merchandised my work and opened a shop on Stockton High Street in November last year. The testimonies we have are incredibly encouraging.

BUT we want the Kingdom of God to reach people in the consumer market throughout the UK. We believe reconnecting sons and daughters with their creative DNA is a step towards releasing the Kingdom of heaven on earth.

We deliver a whole day of creative sessions,  giving individuals an opportunity to reconnect and experience God in a variety of creative expressions such as art, poetry, prophetic actions and dance.

The strategy is simple – it is to reach twelve churches in twelve cities over twelve months. Empowering, equipping and releasing people in to their places of influence.

There !!! haha was that 60 seconds ??  but there’s more. !!!!  Anyway ….

In short, Just Believe plays two parts. The prophetic art is consistently open to the public on the High Street. To share the gospel to people who may have never thought of God, church or His love. We have entered in to the consumer world and the response has been exciting.

Secondly – Just Believe helps to financially support Twelve.12 – Every Twelve.12 event is free. We were incredibly blessed by our first visit to Liverpool and the love gift they gave us.

At the moment there are 10 people in the Twelve.12 team who generously give their time to share and impart gifts and talents to help release people into creativity. Weather dance, prophetic actions, poetry, art and singing. These people are accountants, window cleaners, Pastors, artists, teachers, musicians, techno dudes too. They live all over the UK and come together to run Twelve.12. They make one incredibly powerful and amazing team.

So thats Just Believe – Thats my heart.

I love Jesus and want others to know HIM too.

I would love for you to pray for Just Believe and Twelve.12.  I’d also really love you to support us by sharing Just Believe brand as much as you can. The more people know about Just Believe, the more chance we have of supporting twelve.12 to release and equip others too.

Thanks for reading.  Im sending you lots of love, hope and joy in Jesus.

Please feel free to leave a comment or message me, I’d love to hear from you.

09 Aug

God’s Glory Falls On Single Parents too.

HollybushFire of God

Hi. So this week I spent my days listening to John Andrews and Jarred Cooper at Hollybush Christian Family Camp along with a hundred other people.

As expected it was an amazing time. Asking God for pictures and painting the translation as best I could onto canvas.  This year a friend of mine came with me. She’s a single mum of two. It was great having them there with us, even though it was brief before they left for home.

One evening while asking God for a picture to paint, I waited and waited and waited and nothing really came. So I waited and worshipped. Eventually I saw a lady holding a baby on her side and one hand reaching high up to God in worship. I felt the witness so much that I decided to paint it. I felt that God was saying I disregard the stigma that comes with single mums and I choose to anoint you. I know my friend in the past has had to deal with peoples opinions. The stigma that people hold about single parents. She is not single because she chose to be. However she has handled the trauma, the hurt and pain and is walking out the rest of her life victoriously with Christ by her side. She is an amazing mum to her children and an amazing friend to so many.

So this picture goes out to all the single parents who have overcome. May the glory and overwhelming love of PAPA God fall upon you and strengthen you today.

26 Mar


2015-04-06 13.59.39

Friends are so amazing.

What I love most about a friendship is the loyalty and selfless acts of love for one another. And it comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Some wonderful friends took us to Smith Wigglesworth’s grave. It was a gorgeous sunny day. I was struck at how ‘normal’ the headstone was, considering he was such a great man of God. He was renowned as a great revivalist. His grave stone was strikingly simple yet beautiful. Humble, and yet noble. It was surrounded by tall eccentric and wealthy looking grave stones of people I’d never heard of. I guess it brought things in to focus as I stood there. His reward was in heaven. He was obedient to the call on his life. He leaped out in faith. Healed people around the world with his complete and utter trust in God and His word.

He was a friend of Jesus. He walked well with the Lord and also finished well. He fought the good fight. Jesus promised Him eternal life and now Smith rests with his family in heaven.  My visit to Smith’s grave has had a deep impact on me. Yet I am unable the articulate the fullness of what that is.

Having good friends is so important. Having a friend of Jesus – now that’s well worth the commitment and the dedication to keep the connection. His faithfulness lasts forever.  He died for you so you could have eternal life. He was rejected and beaten and took up all our rubbish, our sin upon the cross. He died a gruesome death so we could walk into the throne room of God – confidently. Trusting what he accomplished on the cross to be the greatest act of selfless love, once and for all.  What a friend we have in Jesus!

I wonder, do you know Him ? xx

25 Aug

Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is, There Is Freedom

Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is

So the alarm bell goes off at 5am, I wake my daughter and we get ready to meet my good friend Tracey and my Mam.

We travel to Liverpool for the Big Push which is run by Sue Sinclair and her amazing team. On the way, my car charger had stopped working !!!! I mean it worked the day before, but for some reason it just wasn’t charging today and I needed my phone. So my plan was to call into the next service station and purchase one.

We pull in and as soon as I get out the car, Holy Spirit draws my attention to a young man stood outside the entrance. As I walk up to the shop, Holy Spirit says go and talk to the man. No, that’s just me, I say to myself….. So I walk right on by. Once in the shop I ask for a car phone charger and oh…. They don’t have one. So I turn around and walk out. As I approach the man, still stood there, Holy Spirit says again, go and speak to him. I was then beginning to think that this was really GOD speaking and HE wanted to encounter this man. BUT…… I was still a little unsure…..  ( I know…. ridiculous ! Imagine if we just did what we believe the LORD was saying. ) anyway ……..

As I walked past, the voice was quite loud at this point so I stopped abruptly and turned around.  By now he’s probably thinking… CRAZY LADY ALERT  !!!!!

“I know this might sound barmy, but I’m a Christian and I believe GOD wants you to know HIM. He knows you, I believe HE wants to bless you and pour HIS favour out upon you. ……. “

I reminded myslef to breathe…..

“No, that doesn’t sound stupid. Thank you.., whats your name ?” as the conversation continued I was able to bless him and pray for him and I then walked back to the car.

I Wish, so so wish I would have asked him if he wanted to accept Jesus in to his life. If I’m given another oportunity, next time I will.….. I jumped into the car and drove off to the next service station.

We eventually arrived and off loaded the jam-packed car. We quickly set up our mini stall, my easel and paint and joined in the worship. Very soon into worship I can feel the freedom in the spirit. I see flags, dancing, joy and celebration. I have been taught that praise is powerful. Powerful to demolish strongholds and powerful to break the bondages of oppression, torment and fear.  I saw a freedom that had been established through praise and prayer. The Word, the Sword of the Spirit spoken and dance released over the people. So I immediately start to paint.

Once worship finished, we head off for our workshops. With a very loose plan of what we were going to do, people came into the room. I expected 9, possibly 10 at max. As the people came rolling in we had to get more chairs. I started sharing the story of where this whole journey had begun. We had a few laughs and hopefully some encouragement to jump in when the time came.

People were awesome. They were so ready to join in. People overcoming fears of thinking they can’t paint. People so receptive, honouring and affirming to each other as we practiced and stepped out. It was truly an awesome time. After lunch, most people came back and the people joining us doubled. Holy Spirit is such a good leader, especially if we are willing to listen and heed His instruction.

The afternoon was just as great. People were all over the place painting what the Lord had shown them. Lots of people wanted to share their paintings. GOD even confirmed a few words and pictures for people there that afternoon. So take courage and believe, HE is faithful. It’s so awesome to see GOD use our efforts in amazing ways. He blows me away every time. Thanks to Sue for the amazing day and for being faithful in prayer. There is transformation in Liverpool. My heart is to see it here, in Stockton, Teesside and the UK. Sue is visiting Teesside soon. Keep a look out on the “Whats On” tab here on Just Believe.

Love and Blessings



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photo 4

photo 2-4

22 Feb

Use Every Opportunity

Yeyy My cabin studio has eventually arrived. I guess that’s the easy part and now the hard work begins, to install and build it. A little bit like my walk with the Lord. The easy part was accepting Jesus as my Lord and saviour some 11 years ago. The hard part is living it out. Keeping your love on, turning the other cheek, believing in Jesus when the world around you tells you your stupid or crazy. Sometimes it’s hard when tribulation comes, but Jesus never said it was easy. The fact remains, that I wouldn’t swap my faith for anything.

I know I couldn’t live without the hope, peace and joy Jesus gives. I have seen with my own eyes, people be healed. I’ve felt the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. He is real all right. But it’s still not an easy walk. To trust that Jesus has it all covered, takes a lot of faith and courage. To be able know the truth and hold your head up in the face of adversity takes guts. To stand and believe God when everyone around you tells you something different takes perseverance and strength. As believers you are given power, love and a sound mind. Sometimes we don’t realize we have this until it’s needed and has to be put into action. God will never fail us or leave us. That’s HIS word and HE cannot lie.

I want to encourage those who maybe feeling the pressure, to stand. Ephesians 6 tells us to stand. And when we have done all we can, to Stand. In Exodus the word tells us The battle is not ours it’s the LORDS. We stand in HIM. HE alone is GOD. HE will honour you at the right time. All we have to do is stand and hold on tight to GOD and HIS word. I totally believe that. Having experienced it, I can honestly say that HE is my Rock. To trust HIM even when things just do not go the way you so desire them to be.

I remember when I was a brand new Christian and my brother who was 20 at the time died. I was completely unable to deal with it emotionally. The whole thing seemed so utterly surreal. It still does at times. I still expect him to walk through the door. I remember praying like crazy. Offering everything I had up to GOD to make my brother David well again. But it didn’t happen, and I watched our parents grieve and burry their only son. It was like a horrible nightmare that I couldn’t wake up from.

This does not change the fact that GOD is good, It is the enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy. John 10.10. Jesus comes to give life and life abundantly. I do not know why David wasn’t made well. I cannot explain why. But I know GOD loves him and did not cause it. I had a dream shortly after my Brother died. He came into my room and without saying a word he came and gave me a hug and then left. It felt so real. I hope and I hope so hard that HE is with Jesus, in heaven for eternity and we will see him again.

Time is short. We do not know the hour or day when Jesus will return. HE is our hope and strength and we cannot shy away from our calling and responsibility as believers to share the gospel and lead people to salvation. GOD is power. Bill Johnson says that form without power is religion. Get rid of religious powerless traditions. We see that wherever Jesus went, the Kingdom was there. Healings miracles, transformation… it’s all there. Not one without the other. I urge and encourage believers to step up and press into all that God has for them, to live the life worthy of the calling. Seek HIM in the quite place, go after HIM with everything, HE rewards those who diligently seek HIM. Love on the world; share the love and acceptance of Jesus with everyone you meet.

Be outrageous with grace and love. Be a HIS STORY MAKER !!!

22 Jan

OK ok ok !!!

OK ok ok !!!

So I’m trying to paint Jesus and I hear the words ‘Who do you say I am?’ 

I started reflecting on the question. I know, yeah HE’S the son of GOD, but do I realllly believe that? Yes of course I do, so how does my life reflect the fact that I totally and utterly believe that Jesus is the son of GOD, especially when I’m sat opposite a woman who is suffering with a disease that has disfigured her hands, her body and she could barely lift her head to talk to me. As I knelt down to meet her eyes, I’m aware of an opportunity to offer prayer. I’d like to say that I offered prayer, she accepted and she was completely healed, but I didn’t. I let the thought go drifting slowly by as I continued the conversation. I couldn’t work out if I was more frustrated at my lack of conviction that GOD heals, or my lack of courage and faith in general.

The question Jesus asked, “ Who do you say that I am?” is a simple straightforward question. The answer, well, I guess if I believe it, it’s life transforming!  I often ask my self, If I truly believed the rock of HIS word for healing, would I act differently. Being completely honest, yes I would. I class my self as a believer in Jesus, but suffer with doubt and unbelief. “I do believe, help me over come my unbelief. (Mark 9:24 ) So today, I’m choosing to believe the word and it’s authority. Regardless of how I feel or what I might be nerved about, I am standing on GODS word that HE IS WILLING (Matthew 8:3). All I have to do is go for it. !  Incidentally, who do you say that Jesus is?

I would love to hear your replies:- Click the coment box above and dont forget to share.

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16 Jan

‘PAPA’S Kiss’


No matter how many years keep rolling by, I will always want the love from my Dad. I’ll want the affirmation, the hugs and kisses, the gentle correction and the superhero problem fixing my Dad can do. I love my dad to bits. He is one of the best gifts GOD gave me. I always believed as a child that we would never die, we would live forever. We were inseparable. I remember him holding me while stood in a queue. I can still smell the leather of his coat as I snuggled in tight to his chest. I felt so safe and there was no place I’d rather be than right there with my Dad. I know if I ask my Dad he would do anything to help me, and he has. 

The bible says “Don’t bargain with God. Be direct. Ask for what you need. This isn’t a cat-and-mouse, hide-and-seek game we’re in. If your child asks for bread, do you trick him with sawdust? If he asks for fish, do you scare him with a live snake on his plate? As bad as you are, you wouldn’t think of such a thing. You’re at least decent to your own children. So don’t you think the God who conceived you in love will be even better?

I honestly don’t think that I and possibly others have fully grasped the infinite and utterly sold out love GOD has for us. I don’t think it registers. I don’t mean to tar everyone with the same brush, as I know there are people who have walked and do walk in the revelation of the fullness of Christ’s love. I can definitely name a few. If I’m being honest, I’m not there yet, but I sooooo want to be. The more that is revealed to me about the Fathers character, His love and overwhelming compassion for His children, I’m bowled over and become eager and hungry to know more. It’s relentless love. It’s grace filled love. It’s almost incomprehensible …..and we can have it. I suppose the question is, how much do you want it? Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. The New testament says ‘believe and be baptized’. 

To access all that GOD has for you is to simply believe. !!!!!!! Just Believe !! Can it really be that simple. ? I would much rather have my mind, soul and spirit filled with everything good, than with negativity, pessimism and fear. What God offers is way more than we can handle at times. As believers we have been given the opportunity to change the very atmosphere we are in. To speak to things that are not, as though they are. His provision endless. Smith Wigglesworth says ‘Only Believe, everything is possible, Only believe.’ This is a man who brought his dead wife back to life, only for her to tell Smith that it’s her time to go and be with the Lord. !!! It raised my eyebrows. !! 

What are you believing?… listening to? What’s filling your soul? If you are breathing today, you still have a calling, a mission, and purpose. Seek PAPA, He is waiting to receive you and fill you with all joy, hope and HIS amazing LOVE. Let Him hold you in HIS arms and tell you how much HE loves you. Let HIM kiss away the hurts and pain. Allow HIM to heal and restore. Most of all, believe and come to HIM.

Be blessed. If this spoke to you, please share to pass on the love.

08 Jan

What’s Your Passion?


Today it’s me and my husbands wedding anniversary. Whoop !! 14 years…

It’s 16 years since I first had an encounter with God. Having just had my rights read out to me on my doorstep by an officer, as you can imagine, I was in a bit of a desperate state after that. I didn’t go to prison. In fact looking back, I think the police man or whoever he was, was scare mongering. Anyway…. Long story, I may tell you one day.

10 years ago I accepted Christ into my life. How fast does time go! Lately I’ve been digging deeper into which direction GOD wants me to go with this prophetic painting business. I also recently watched Heidi Bakers new film, Compelled By Love. It left a giant size boot imprint in my soul. Made me question my direction, what am I doing and whom am I affecting with the gospel in the time I have on the earth.

Since I started volunteer working again about 10 years ago, when my youngest daughter was just months old, I went to paint for the children’s worker at All Saints. My daughter would be asleep while I painted huge backdrops for holiday clubs, wall murals and posters. Since then I’ve been employed to work with the marginalized, the vulnerable, prostitutes, drug addicts and prisoners.

Today I have this, what I can only describe as a yearn, a pulling, It’s so strong I dare not veer off, get side tracked or distracted by anything else. To honour what The LORD has done, fulfilling dreams and aligning my destiny, I must, there is no other way I want to go except the way the LORD leads. This happens to be painting. Its a million miles away from where I ever thought I’d do or have as a profession. I love it. I get to give GOD the glory and display HIS splendour and love on canvas and speak the gospel with love and a little bit of paint. HE has opened doors, healed people and given encouragement through these paintings.

I am blown away and humbled by what HE continues to do. I’m left with the imprint of “Compelled by love” and wonder what GOD is going to do through me. I have no idea where this painting business is going to lead, if at all. But I know for sure, I’m here for a reason. And that is to share the mighty love of the Father. Call in lost souls. Love people. Accept the unaccepted. LOVE beyond measure with the best of my ability and the gifts GOD has given me. My regular request to HIM is to make me burn with passion for Jesus. Even if it’s uncomfortable, I just want to burn, I don’t want to waste a second. Passion is what ignites the spark. What’s your passion? Who are you affecting? What imprint will you leave on the hearts and souls of those around you today?

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25 Dec

God’s Courageous Girl

Hello again,

Welcome back to Just Believe.

My latest painting ‘God’s Courageous Girl’ is about over coming. The courage to look around the corner despite the size of the walls the mountain or the issue we face.

Even a heart full of adventure and curiosity, but the main thing is, is that she is checking it out.

The child like faith, the determination to move forward, draws the interest of the little girl. She is well dressed, but bare foot. This piece of art leaves room for much interpretation.

I believe that this girl is comfortable and confidence in her PAPA to courageously move forward despite the obstacles that may be presented to her. I like this piece of art. It makes me feel safe. In fact it reminds me of life in general. How many times do we step out in faith? How many times when we believe the LORD is telling us something do we precariously peek around the corner first before stepping out boldly?

Imagine PAPA watching us. He knows everything. He knows what’s around the corner. We must really make HIM laugh sometimes. I can just imagine HIS heart watching HIS children daring to adventure in the inheritance that JESUS gave to us all. The children who have taken up the call, the ambassadors, the warriors, the missionaries, the homemakers, people in the market place, the care workers, etc you name it, children everywhere, all generations being alive and full of adventure in the LORD. Who knows what you will discover around the corner.!

Maybe your destiny !