Testimonies:  We love ’em

Do you have a testimony to share. We would love to hear what GOD is doing in your life. Revelation 19.10 says that the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. Which means, you tell your story…. it brings it alive for other people to receive it too.   We choose to live KINGDOM on earth as it is in heaven.

Encouraging Words


Dear Julia, well – all of the ladies loved these prints and their individual words from God.  The feedback I had later in the day via text messages was that their print and their words were “spot on” – each one of them testified to how God had spoken to them via your lovely pictures and through the words God had given for me to write.  Each one of them was truly blessed.

How encouraging and absolutely mind blowing is that!!!!!!!!!!!  I love it when God is working things out in the background, bringing people together for His purpose and His glory- Chris

When Two Gifts Collide

golden robe

I received an order from a lady who purchased some prints from the web store. I found out that this talented lady bought the prints to give to friends, but not only that, she spent time to listen to what God was saying through them and then write it down, wrap them up and give as gifts. I asked her if she would be so kind to send me some of her writings, and so she did.

Have a read… I’m sure you will be blessed.

Dear Julia,

I have now finished writing my God letters to the Daughters of Destiny Group and the letters and prints are all wrapped up and ready to give as lovely gifts to these precious ladies at the end of September.

I was particularly drawn to your print of Jesus and Her Golden Gown – all I saw was this little girl clutching her heart so tightly to herself and I had these words:

My Daughter, My Child.  What has bruised your heart that you need to hold it so closely to yourself.  Turn your face to me and you will see I am waiting; hand outstretched; love extended.  Listen Daughter, lay down every attachment to the past, put behind you everything that would keep you from my love.  Give your heart to me and you will be free; free to dance; free to be all I have destined you to be.  Trust me and you will feel our hearts beating as one.  You will be transformed.  You will see yourself as I see you – wearing a beautiful, gold embroidered wedding gown; face shining as you lead the procession to where I will be waiting”

Chris writes Poetry and this interpretation was also written by Chris. If you would like more info on her writing, please contact us and we will pass on your details.

Alan and my canvas

Alan Mills : I hadn’t seen Jason & Julia for quite a while and when we met again it meant so very much. I’d arrived early for a Friday meeting at Hollybush and whilst walking the long way round my spirit leapt for in drove my friends!

The joy I felt from deep within me was powerful and as I leant on the car something from that same well of love said “you must see the painting on the back seat” and I said so! I walked on and met JnJ again in time to help carry stuff inside. Praise God, Julia was here to be used by God again to speak to our hearts through paint*.

Eventually, I had the time to look up and as soon as I saw “the prayer of a righteous man” on the easel my heart leapt and I knew it would be mine. I arranged with Julia immediately, without hesitation, to purchase God’s stunning work. As I sang that night, my eyes were drawn constantly to the sound of God’s voice to me through the artwork. * when first I saw Julia painting, at Hollybush Camp 2013, I was captivated by what was appearing on the canvas before her. What struck me was that it was not in the least coming from Julia’s head but was flowing from her spirit deep within (from her bowels of compassion, if I may say). Not that Julia has no part to play – far from it! It was & remains her fingers and the giftings that God has given her besides which Julia makes herself available. “Here I am Lord, use me” seems to be her cry and “her” artwork is proof that God has taken her at her word.

“The Prayer Of A Righteous Man” rests in my home and is a constant reminder of who I am. By the grace of a God, a righteous man and one who knows that much is achieved by fervent prayer. God is good. Alan Mills

IMG_4899Right from the start we noticed Julia’s natural ease and sense of being in step with the Holy Spirit. We found this very engaging and immediately sensed a link.

My wife and I met her at our first visit to St John’s, Killingworth which was prompted by seeing a flyer for Julia and Viv Neville’s ministry. Her natural gifting as a painter and gifting in the prophetic was immediately obvious as she quickly created artwork during the morning service. The painting reflected several themes that God has been saying about the area including Ezekiel’s ‘Dry bones’ verses. This very much confirmed some of the things that God has been saying to us recently as we’ve been praying for the area. Julia’s prophetic gifting continued in a later workshop session when she encouraged us further regarding our family and connection to the Killingworth area.

We were delighted by Julia’s ministry and would strongly recommend her to any community seeking to hear God.  Whether taking first steps with this kind of ministry or those more used to exploring the prophetic she will be valuable in unlocking God’s direction.

Rob & Johanna Cooper


IMG_3418Julia Powell is not only a gifted artist, but she is a lover of Jesus who reveals the Father heart of God in her painting.

When Julia paints, she gives a glimpse of Father God’s heart for his people.

Julia hears from Heaven and invades Earth with a tangible expression of God’s love that gets displayed for all the world to see.

Julia’s paintings reveal God’s truth and His love for His people.

Kelly  Anderson

Director of Kingdom School of Supernatural Ministry


IMG_3445This is my testimony: Im part of the KSSM ( Kingdom School of Supernatural Ministry ) Kelly is the director and Meryl is the assistant director. Together they run KSSM to which I have recently finished my first year. It was so awesome to be there, not only to learn about the Kingdom and the reality of how we live on earth (as it is in heaven) but to feel the cogs of old tradition and religion break off and be renewed in my thinking. KINGDOM minded. What a year. I’m now a revival group leader in the school and love it just as much. This year I found myself walking through a tough trial. Long story, but these guys, with Jesus, did a miracle. Then on top of that my own church blessed us. It was incredible. In the midst of all this, God came through in an abundant way. This situation came to an end. God had placed incredible people around me from start to finish. What a testimony to how GOD works out everything for the good of those who love HIM.

Revelation 19.10 The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.

Mrs C Ratt. USA.

IMG_2495“Reckless” My maiden name is Recklaw. The story goes that the original family name was “Moneypenny” and that may explain my deep love for all things UK and Irish.

When I was in the 6th grade, my teacher started calling me Reckless. I was clumsy, awkward and always a bit off from everyone else. The nickname stuck and I embraced it because she was showing me attention, which in turn gave me attention from the class. Even though it was meant to be funny, deep down, you know when you’re being made fun of.

While it never bothers me now to be referred to as “Reckless” because it became a self-fulfilled prophecy in so many ways, the second that I saw your painting, our brother and King instantly took away the negative connotations. He reordered it for me, just that word, like a decree from a scroll. In fact, I hardly saw anything else other than that word, but the moment my eyes registered “Abandonment”, my soul was healed and my spirit was SET FREE. I was allowed to step into a newness where He’d made the crooked path straight, this had come full circle and made new.

It is shocking how well He knows us and connects us, favors us and believes in us. I don’t have the words to explain how this all makes me feel, but know that your artistic hands and ear to the Father has healed me from pain rendered in 1983. Isn’t that something?! My insides are weeping with a new JOY and I’m seeing the occasional orb touch my eye as I type this.

THANK you for what you do. I’m so incredibly blessed!

Nashville Rescue Mission


Wow, these guys are awesome. They minister to 500 men every month. What a time we had there. It was an honour and privilege to meet such amazing people on this journey.


Jackie Morris Bates: Actually, words cannot express how I feel about you personally and your gift. I cherish every single minute we had together and look forward to more and more time with you.

Member of CrossWalk Community Church. Knoxville, Tennessee


Julia’s painting starts “To Him who Loves us ……” amid a sea of colour of heaven and earth.  To understand this meaning and let it bless our hearts is a start to understand the meaning of this inspirational painting. Our United Kingdom sister Julia created and presented this painting to our CrossWalk Community Church, while Vivienne sang ballads to our CrossWalk congregation. Through Julia, who so obviously listens to her heart and so wonderfully conveys our community church on canvas through her hands, has clearly shown that our tribulations can truly become blessings to Him.