Just Believe's Vision

‘Creating opportunities and space for individuals to hear and release the voice of GOD through art'

Allowing Prophetic Art to cross the path of seeking hearts. To offer a continual encore of modern, culturally relevant interpretations of art that speak powerfully to the observer.

My Dream

To bring a crescendo of musicians, artists, dancers, worshippers together, whose hearts beat uniquely in tune to the passionate sound of God’s love, offering up worship for HIM to consume the praises of His people. 

Ways to be involved!

Prayer. We believe God hears our prayers.  Would you commit to praying for Just Believe regularly in your prayer time?  Pray for divine encounters, opportunities to grow the team, volunteers and increase support.  Please pray for opportunities, links and connections in the corporate market as well as our local communities. Most of all, the power of the Holy Spirit and HIS mighty working power in, on and through Just Believe, the volunteers and the people we encounter for their salvation.

God is the greatest, He is the most creative. Therefore once we open the floodgates of creativity in our community, churches and schools, will we see people engage and encounter GOD in ways we are yet to dream of?

With GOD, EVERYTHING is possible!