Yesterday the Lord gave me an image of a butterfly and the word ’emerging’

As I was painting it I felt Him say. Something new is emerging. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s rising up in my people – they are carrying new wine for this day, in new wine skins. Do not be offended. They carry the wine in unexpected and unusual ways. Intact with with integrity and love.

Let them emerge. Let them arise. Let them bring glory to me the way I have made them.

I saw individuals being raise up in the most unlikely places. I saw people who would never usually be seen as leaders be raised up – this will cause offence in some, but God says do not take offence. I have chosen these, my children, for a time such as this.

Also be discerning as the enemy will try to duplicate and cause confusion. But this move will be accompanied by significant markings, which is the fingerprint of God.

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