Typography Workshop

Typography Workshop



I’m so excited to be running a typography workshop. Typography was one of my first loves at uni. Discovering the beauty of letters in art form.  Join me as we adventure into a world of discovery using layout, words, letters and patterns to make your masterpiece. Why not personalise it and  frame it for a gift 🎁 

All donations to attend this Typography Workshop will support and help raise funds for NPSSM. 

NPSSM is a ministry school, teaching and empowering students to live the full life Jesus called believers to live.  

We are a registered charity and now in our 7th year running as a school. We continually see students break free from traumas, infirmities and old mindsets into new powerful, victorious and powerful lifestyles. Our vision is set before us and to accomplish this we have each been given, in faith, a monetary seed to sow.  I’m choosing to sow into teaching people creativity.  Believing Exodus 31 where Bezalel was FILLED by the Spirit of God to be creative in all aspects of craftsmanship, then to teach others.  

God IS the greatest creator of all and we are made in HIS image.  So we have HIS creativity in us.  Now is a fun opportunity to come and exercise your creative flare for a good cause. 

Our workshop is held at Rivers of Life Church.  All materials provided.  Refreshments available. 

Suggested donations £10 or more 


Book your ticket here to ensure your space and bring your donation with you for NPSSM on the 19th. Many thanks


Date of workshop is 19th November 2022 1-2.30