I’m Following Jesus – Canvas Print


I’m Following Jesus – Canvas Print



I’m Following Jesus canvas print. Painted at the Sozo Conference in 2019 in Milton Keynes. The story behind this painting is a fun one of obedience. Step by step, the meaning and understanding of what I was supposed to paint was kept from me right until the end.

After putting Just Believe on the back burner for over a year and a half while I began my role as the Director of Teesside School of Supernatural Ministry, I recently felt Jesus say to try again. He gave me the scripture of where the professional fishermen went out in to the sea and caught nothing. Jesus said, try again, this time put your net on the other side. I’m sure they must have felt silly. But in their obedience they did it, only to find the favour of the LORD gave them abundance.

This is what I felt Jesus speak to me through this painting. First laying the canvas down on the stage floor. From a great height dripping and pouring and splattering paint all over the canvas and then mixing it altogether to make a bleh colour ….  yes bleh. The only way I can describe the drab blend of ill fitting pigmented colours. After so many more pauses, time laps of instruction, eventually Holy Spirit showed me three crosses. I tried to add my thoughts, as we usually co paint, but this time it was a no.  Another time laps and then the instruction to paint a shadow of a figure in the back ground. I did comply. Then that was it…. nothing at all came again until the next day. Having reminded God that we had a picture to finish, we arrived at the venue the next morning. Worship started and I was ready and expectant… and nothing again….. “hey Jesus”….. I said…

Eventually His voice came at my utter relief because there was no way we could have left that canvas the way it was…… or could HE !!!!!

Anyway… I hear His voice and He says to paint grass. Now this canvas at the moment looks rather a lot like the sea, so in my little brain, I’m thinking men in the boat, or Jesus walking on water … you get where i’m going right !!

Grass, He said again. “Grass” I said… ” are you sure Lord.?.. ”  ( hehehehe )

So I mixed greens, took my brush and with much hesitation I PAINTED GRASS on the bottom of the canvas. To me it was like painting a plant in the sky. Anyway… in obedience I did what He said. Now the bottom of the canvas was painted in grass.

THEN … The band began to play one of my favourite songs ever, called ‘Ain’t No Grave’ from Bethel. The atmosphere filled with a tangible presence of Holy Spirit, the breaker anointing was present and all I can say was it took energy to focus and eventually I just jumped and danced along with the rest of the 500 people plus in the auditorium.

I turned around to look at my canvas and it was a drop the mic moment for Jesus. There before me was the three crosses, Jesus risen from the grave and us peering thorough the grass in the foreground as Jesus walks away, risen from the dead and the words in the song echoing so loudly ” If YOU walk out of the grave, then I’m waking too”

In my utter amazement I simply painted the words ‘If you walk out of the grave, I’m walking too.’

I had no idea what was going on in the picture before that moment. I just knew at each stage it wasn’t finished. It was a lesson to keep my obedience on. No matter how or what things seem, keep listening and keep in step with Holy Spirit. He knows the beginning from the end.

Whatever else was going on in that room, it was life changing.

This Premium Canvas is 70cm x 140 cm  ( sizes are variable on order )

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