Sanctification A3 Print


Sanctification A3 Print



‘Sanctification’ was painted at Castle Douglas, New Life Church. A weekend conference called The Sound Of Revival.

It was an outstanding weekend with amazing guest speakers. Hosted by two of the most incredible and inspiring people I have had the pleasure to meet. Their hearts are Kingdom focused with the passion to see God glorified and see His power on earth as it is in heaven.

As I began to paint this picture I saw lots of poppies in fields. People were walking through them. Men, women, children were wading through and enjoying the poppies. The garden was kept by God, and we are part of HIS creation. We are sanctified, set apart. He is charged with sustaining all things by His word. We enjoy His presence and His provision. I feel like the field was a time of rest and restoration. A time to be. A season of intimacy as He walks with us. The field is filled with people enjoying each other as a family of God. There are no orphans or outcasts. We are one in Christ.

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